Looking deep into your beautiful eyes,

I see something, it takes me by surprise.

Sparkling like a glass of wine,

I find your eyes looking right at mine.

I’m shocked, but I don’t look away,

And I’m hoping like crazy that you’ll stay.

My prayer answered, you do not move,

there’s nothing that I have to prove.

You reach across and take my hand,

my feet now firmly in the sand.

I no longer stumble and fall,

and at last I can stand proud and tall.

No more am I lost, I remember my place;

and once again my life is filled with grace.

Your arms are strong, they are my guide.

You hold my hand, you’re by my side.

You come to me when danger is near,

and your smile takes away all my fears.

With your help, I can get through life,

by taking away my pain and strife.

I cannot do it on my own,

without you here, I’m all alone.

At any time you  could fly away,

but you rest your wings, and here you stay.

Author: Rebecca Berry


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